Under the blackened sun of May 20, 2012, in the City of Angels,
fate dressed up as destiny while Witches Of God forged an
impenetrable pact to create and maintain their mutual love and
respect of lurid songs, threatening themes, and bloodstained imagery.
Since forming, the Los Angeles based occult-rockers have
established their vision with the creation of three albums:
‘The Blood Of Others,’ ‘They Came To Kill,’
and ‘Into The Heart Of Darkness.'

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Canadian Onslaught Pt.1

October 2019

11th Toronto, ON at Schuey's Bar & Grill
12th Waterloo, ON at Chainsaw
17th Quebec City, QC at Le KnockOut
18th Sherbrooke, QC at Le Murdoch
19th Montreal QC at Soundcentral



Canadian Onslaught Pt.1




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